WTF is… Li-Fi?

WTF is Li-Fi? asks Reg Hardware, the hardware site of The Register, in an article this week.

PureVLC Li-FiThe article features the PureVLC Li-Fire YouTube video and also mentions the Fraunhofer Institute and Casio and is a worthwhile read. I have noticed in such articles a tendency to explain how VLC works by suggesting that the lights “flicker”. While making for a simple explanation, it does raise the eyebrows of some readers who have even suggested that this will cause headaches. In practice the lights don’t flicker, but your TV does! Other comments have suggested other negative effects of VLC so I feel it is perhaps time to dispel some of the Li-Fi myths out there.

One of my next blog posts will be my top 10 Li-Fi myth buster. Watch this space!

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