World’s Largest Chandelier

Reflective Flow by Beau McClellanThe World’s largest chandelier “Reflective Flow” is also the largest LED light sculpture in the World with 55,000 LEDs and thousands of optical crystal elements. The LED fixture weighs in at 20 tonnes (think 2 buses or 13 cars) and scoops World records on various fronts (heaviest, biggest, longest …).

I am proud to say that this LED interactive sculpture, modelled on a river, was created by a fellow Scotsman and lighting design genius Beau McClellan.  I am less proud to admit that it was installed in an office complex in Doha,Qatar back in 2010 and I first learned of this today!

Beau McClellan, Scottish lighting designerBeau McClellan produces some stunning LED sculptures, fixtures, chandeliers (who knows the correct term) but the liberation of the LED is clear in his designs which have been widely commissioned in the Middle East.

I just love the idea of Beau’s future designs being able to provide stunning illumination combined with amazing information content via Visible Light Communications.  The Internet of Things, but big and beautiful things.

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  1. If you could also provide any other information on using this light fixture or any other LED only light fixture for reef lighting that would be great! Thank you!

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