Wireless Spectrum Shortage Solution

I have just purchased the Global Business Intelligence report on Visible Light Communication which is the first commercial report on this topic.  It is called “Visible Light Communication (VLC) – A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage” and has 77 pages covering the technology in general, the market dynamics and the key players.  The table of contents is listed here.

Radio spectrum is at full capacityAs suggested in the title VLC is presented as a solution to the shortage of radio spectrum.  This is a view I personally share and is the primary reason I became excited by this technology a couple of years ago. I was therefore very eager to see what was in the report.

The report begins with an overview of the technology and it’s benefits.  An emphasis has been put on illustrating the extent of the radio spectrum shortage problem relative to the exponentially growing demand for wireless data.  A section called VLC Technology Market Segments deals with the application areas (and also some complimentary technologies).  The middle sections make comparisons with infra-red technology, a short geographical market analysis and forecast of the markets for the various VLC components.  The report concludes with sections containing data on VLC research around the world and on the key players.

I think the report is excellent in highlighting the need for an alternative to radio spectrum and the opportunity created by LED lighting.  The market analysis sections I thought would have benefited from a more quantitative approach and a little more analysis.  The final sections on VLC research and key companies are extremely useful. To my knowledge no significant VLC research centre has been omitted.  In terms of the companies, only LVX System actually have a commercial VLC system in place to date so they are dealt with first.  The other companies are: NEC, Rise, Gallium Lighting, Sobal, Outstanding Technology, Casio, and Intel.  These are mostly established companies with active interests in VLC.  In my opinion I would also have included Samsung, Boeing, Renesas, InterDigital and recently incorporated ByteLight in that group for completeness.

VLC a solution to a global problem.Overall a very useful report on Visible Light Communication and one that acknowledges the emergence of a VLC industry.  I could recommend this report to anyone with a commercial interest in this technology.  For the next VLC report I would like to see market analysis which actually quantifies the value of the VLC segments.  Maybe I need to do that analysis and produce the report myself! Pre-orders anyone?

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  1. jy-wang Liaw on said:

    How to order the report? what is the price of the report?

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