New VLC report is published

GBI Research’s new report, “Visible Light Communication (VLC) – A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage” has now been published.

GBI ResearchGlobal Business Intelligence (GBI) Research have just announced the publication of what I believe is the first publicly availability market report on Visible Light Communication.  I have not yet got my hands on the full report but have looked over the Table of Contents and also spoken with Chiraag Gandecha, one of the principal authors, and it does seem a comprehensive piece of work.

VLC LinkedIn GroupI am also delighted to announce that GBI Research have teamed up with the Visible Light Communications LinkedIn Group to offer a discounted rate for the report exclusively for Group members.   If you are not a member of the group then you should join now to engage with the VLC community as well as securing your discount.

Quoting directly from the report summary:

“GBI Research’s new report, “Visible Light Communication (VLC) – A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage”, provides the key information and analysis on Visible Light Communication technology and market. Visible Light Communication or VLC is a method by which Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to transmit data using visible light as a transmitting medium. With the increasing usage of data over mobile phones and other wireless devices, spectrum shortage appears to be a real problem for which VLC can be offered as a potential solution. This solution is explained in detail in the report. VLC technology can be used in a number of applications or end user segments like wireless networking, intelligent traffic management systems, home networking system, powerline communication and underwater communication. VLC technology based devices primarily use LEDs, Opto-couplers and Image Sensors as components and each one represents a unique industry that has tremendous growth potential due to the rise of a new technology. Visible Light Communication based products are primarily dependent on efficient and low cost LEDs for fast data transmission rates and this is an important factor in the faster launch of commercial VLC based devices. The report explains each component type accompanied with revenues and forecasts till 2015. GBI Research estimates that globally, around $100 million is invested in the research of Visible Light Communication technology and even major companies are conducting trials on VLC for incorporating in future products. This report explains in detail about the various key players in both the pure research centers of institutes and the commercial companies globally. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.”

More details about the report are available from GBI.  I look forward to seeing the full report and hearing the reaction of the VLC community to this market snapshot.  I am sure we will see some interesting discussion on the LinkedIn Group based on this.

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    hello Mr harald hass!
    Im mohsen a student in raja university from Iran
    Im very happy about your good job in communication technology that can be made a new and best life .
    tank you very nice..

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