VLC is a hit at TED!

Professor Harald Haas received a standing ovation at TED Global 2011. He successfully demonstrated visible light communication in action by using an LED light bulb in an anglepoise lamp.  This transmitted HD video which was displayed on a large screen behind him.  He cut the beam with his hand and the video froze until his hand was removed to prove that the data was being transmitted live from the light bulb.

Prof Harald Haas demonstrates high definition video transmitted by the light from a table lamp at TED Global 2011. (Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED)

Afterwards he said “This was very exciting because it was the first time we have shown this publicly to a large audience.  They seemed to genuinely understand the significance of what we have developed.”

Well done Harald on a really professional demonstration of VLC in action.

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One comment on “VLC is a hit at TED!

  1. John Wise on said:

    Astounding. Your presentation was one of those WOW moments. So how will this work, you sell it for billions to Giant Telecom A or Monolithic Telecom B and they bury it under the cloak of bureaucratic red tape that holds it up for decades? Or does someone take you to court alleging infringement of the intellectual property space of some vaguely described light bulb patents that claim ownership of all the potential information a photon can carry outside of light?

    Maybe you could open source your invention to some extent and then give Google a key still-patented piece of the puzzle that only stays in effect if they roll out this process within a reasonable amount of time – without being evil. :)

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