VLC for Personal Area Networks

Talking ClothesPersonal Area Networks using VLC LEDs

The IEEE 802.15 is a working group of the standards committee which specifies wireless personal area network (PAN) standards.  It includes seven task groups, of which one is 802.15.7, the standard for short range wireless optical communication using visible light.

Now, I saw this picture some time ago (it dates back to 2005) and I did find it quite exciting!  However, the first thought that entered my head when I clapped eyes on her was not, IEEE 802.15.7.  It is only now that I have made the connection and realised that this could be the ultimate personal area network based on visible light.  I think that illuminating your underwear with LEDs is a cool idea and has to catch on (I dare anyone to try this with incandescent bulbs – ouch!).  The underwear was produced by Polish design company Puff Buff.

It’s Friday afternoon and at last I have created a Blog which has enabled me to display my favourite LED picture.  Job done, I’m off to the pub now so have a good weekend!

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