VLC at LuxLive

LuxLive 2011 featuring VLCLuxLive in London 9-10 November.

The Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London will host the LuxLive lighting industry event on 9th & 10th November.  The exhibition is combined with a conference programme including TechTheatre dedicated to new technologies in the lighting industry.

I was excited to hear that Jim Crowcroft of TCP will be talking about their internet-connected light bulbs which can be controlled by a smart phone.  This technology has huge synergies with visible light communication.  Jim’s keynote talk on the Wednesday morning immediately precedes my own presentation on VLC so it should be possible to illustrate this connection to the audience.A smart phone used to control domestic lighting via the Internet

In my own talk called “Luminaires – the New Wi-Fi” I will explain, or even demonstrate, how LED light fixtures can be used to transmit high-speed data.  I aim to show why visible light communication represents a major opportunity for the lighting industry. I will also highlight what we are doing to help smooth the path towards adoption of VLC by the professional lighting community.

I plan to be at the event on both days and hope to be able to give live demonstrations of VLC in a smart lighting context.  If you are visiting LuxLive and would like to talk with me, please drop me an email in advance (see contacts page) and I will try to arrange this into my schedule.

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