TED puts Visible Light Communications in the spotlight

VLC will feature at TED Global this year

For those unfamiliar with TED, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design although it has evolved to become much more than this.  The strap line is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and it is about just that; inspirational speakers spreading the word about how the world is, or can be, changed with their ideas.

TED has recognised the significance of the work being done by the D-Light project at the University of Edinburgh by inviting VLC pioneer Professor Harald Haas to speak at the forthcoming TED Global conference.  TED Global 2011 takes place in Edinburgh 11-15 July.  Previous TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Al Gore, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Gordon Brown, Bono, and Steve Jobs.

Visible Light Communications has the power to improve our lives and TED clearly believes this is an “Idea Worth Spreading”.  I could not agree more.

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