Mobile World Congress, asking for more spectrum?

Mobile World Congress 2012I will soon be heading to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.  I am looking forward to a programme of meetings with some of the key mobile players and talking to them about visible light communications.

Redefining Mobile at MWC 2012The theme for MWC 2012 is redefining mobile. The overview states that “mobiles now serve as our books, health monitors, payment transfer devices, social connectors and tour guides. Mobile technology is embedded in our cars, homes, appliances, governments and utilities …”  and I think we cannot deny that this is true.

Looking through the programme and exhibition catalogue I can see a lot of exciting things happening although it is an evolution and nothing I see strikes me as radical.  Smarter smart phones, cleverer new apps, ever smaller infrastructure, better augmented reality, faster mobile cloud computing, and much more besides.  The event clearly reinforces the reasons for the growing use of wireless data – for everything mobile.

Forecast headlines like “Model Forecasts Unmet Mobile Data Demand Will Rise From 4.52 GB/day/km2 in 2011 to 72 GB/day/ km2 in 2016” and articles such as “Solving the Snowballing Wireless Data Problem” are being published on a regular basis.  So you might think that the spectrum shortage and capacity issues would be near the top of the industry’s agenda at MWC.  Well, the last seminar on the last day of the GSMA programme does deal with the topic in terms of spectrum availability under the title “Spectrum – It’s everybody’s business”. The overview states “Mobile is at the heart of a $1.2 trillion Oliver Twist asks for moreindustry…. Spectrum is the oxygen that sustains this ecosystem and with data demands rising, you need to support ‘the ask’ for future spectrum. This seminar will explain amongst other topics, why it is important to complement ‘the ask’ for future spectrum and how to advocate for additional spectrum to your respective governments.”  So there you have one solution from the mobile industry. Ask your government for more spectrum – please, can I have more?

Charles Dickens (200 today) famously wrote about a boy who was encouraged to ask for more, with some limited success I recall!

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