Li-Fi on the Gadget Show

The Gadget Show presenters Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward met with PureVLC to film their Li-Fi technology for the Channel 5 show today.

PureVLC in Mary Kings Close EdinburghJust to prove the point that they were not using any other form of data communications, PureVLC agreed to have their Li-Fi demonstration unit taken into the vaults of Mary King’s Close, deep beneath the streets of the Edinburgh Old Town. There was no Wi-Fi or cellular signals available and so this was considered a challenge since there could be no “cheating”. The location was a really cool setting (quite literally cool too) and in reality they perhaps did PureVLC a favour since there was also no light interference. However, the technology has been widely demonstrated with sunlight and with artificial light so we know this is not an issue anyway.
Jason Bradbury, Gordon Povey, Pollyanna Woodward, Gadget Show, Channel 5 The 10Mbps demo unit used for the TED Global presentation about a year ago was used for the filming and as PureVLC have pointed out they can show 10Mbps or 100Mbps+ using HD video transmission but they all looks the same on camera as a real-time transmission. Downloading a video is different as clearly one is 10x quicker than the other but the compelling demonstration is always real-time HD video and not video downloads.
I was there for the Gadget Show filming and was impressed at how a few seconds of explanation about the technology would lead an enthusiastic piece to camera by Jason and Pollyanna lasting a couple of minutes. It will be interesting to see what survives the director’s cut. Some dumbing down is inevitable but the UK Channel 5 show captures a wide audience which can do no harm for the exposure of Li-Fi.
The Gadget Show featuring PureVLC is scheduled to be broadcast in September and we can let you know via the blog when the date is finalised. If you don’t receive the UK Channel 5 it will be possible to view it on the web.

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One comment on “Li-Fi on the Gadget Show

  1. Cell phone towers and all present non-ionizing technology is harming our delicate biosphere and all life in it. Do we see and how soon, a modification of what seems to be a future of much needed bio friendly wireless communication via LEDs. Or is there a hidden caviar here as well?

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