LEDs powered by Ethernet

Back in October I posted a blog item on Power over Ethernet (PoE).  I am briefly revisiting this because Raffaele Soloperto of Allnet sent me this excellent picture.

Power over Ethernet Switch for Visible Light CommunicationPoE is ideal for VLC since the power and data signals are all carried over a single cable.  The power required for powerful LED lamps has been decreasing over the years, and at the same time the power that can by provided by PoE has increased.  Allnet have demonstrated beautifully that now it is practical to power LEDs directly from an Ethernet switch.

It seems that one of my New Year predictions for VLC has just got one step closer.

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3 comments on “LEDs powered by Ethernet

  1. Great blog. There are too many benefits to this form of lighting for it not to be the future of it!

    • yes, correctly said that this form of lighting has multiple benefits, not only these it is widely used in all the applications from home to office and all others as well. This is the best found technology yet. It is going to be the future of the lights

  2. Hello to all,I’m a CEO & Founder of an Italian Start-up “Easy Green Technology”. We implemented a very similar concept in an innovative LEED enabled, «Smart & Green Living» platform (patented, including Hw & Sw) for environments’ automation, security, entertainment, energy management / saving, telephony, internet, lighting (including back-up) …all over Ethernet plus Power over Ethernet (PoE+) protocols, Cat5e cabling and Rj45 plugs, with active sensors wire-less and battery-less (based on Light energy harvesting) .
    If anyone is interested in the project, I would be happy to share more information.
    Me too, i think there are too many advantages to this form of lighting and not only, not to be the future of “Green Buildings”

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