LED wallpaper is here!

LED WallpaperWe have been hearing for some time about how OLED technology will be giving us walls of light.  Having seen the size (not to mention efficiency and cost) of current OLEDs I think we must accept that the OLED Light Wall from B&Q or Home Depot is some way off. However, rolls of wallpaper populated with LEDs were on display at Light + Building and I was impressed. LED wallpaperThe LED wallpapers was demonstrated on a large wall cycling through a sequence of lighting effects all around a cube motif pattern. I liked the way that the circuit board layout was used as part of the wallpaper pattern. The papers was designed by Ingo Maurer and produced by German company Architects Paper.

Another lighting display that blew me away at Light + Building was the iGuzzini stand with a massive LED floor produced by Italian company Italvideo. LED floorIt was beautifully animated with moving imagery.  The Perspex tables and chairs on the floor just added to the effect. There is no reason why this technology could not be incorporated in tomorrows click laminate floors.

So where does all this fit with VLC.  Well if walls and floors as well as ceilings, are all lit by LEDs then I think it all fits quite nicely thank you.

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  1. wow amazing wallpapers.

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