Latest VLC Market Report

Electronics CA, based in Canada, has just published what we believe to be only the second market report to cover Visible Light Communications. “Optical Wireless Systems – Visible Light Communications and Free Space Optics: Technologies and Markets” covers both VLC and FSO as the title suggests.

I have not seen the report as yet and so I cannot comment on the contents themselves but the table of contents are available and I can confirm that there are 104 pages and the headline price for a pdf single user copy is 3,900 USD.

I hope to be able to review this report in the near future. I know that the discount offered for the GBI Research report via the LinkedIn professional group, Visible Light Communications, proved very popular so I will see if we can negotiate a member’s benefit again. Watch this space!

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2 comments on “Latest VLC Market Report

  1. gautam on said:

    sir can u please send me the designs for making a prototype of VLC (Visible Light Connumication)…..
    i want to do a demonstration in my college, so i need a working model.
    this will boost my internal assessment marks

  2. W J BUBBERS on said:

    Please visit us LVX Florida, Space Coast, WJ Bubbers, CFO , LVX, Florida

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