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This blog was established to provide interesting information and opinions for those involved or interested in Visible Light Communications (VLC).  We welcome comments,  suggestions for topics and if you have something of interest for us we would be happy to publish it as a blog or news item on this site.

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  1. Chenguang on said:

    I think VLC will be a fantastic topic in the following 10 years.
    I just see some interest materials and opinions on this website?
    Thanks for those articles.

  2. Through our website http://www.bemri.org we have tried for years now to promote VLC as an alternative to microwave communication. We are well aware of the health effects caused by pulsed microwaves and are affiliated with other organisations worldwide which also highlight these dangers. Yet, strangely enough none of these groups support VLC ,which has left BEMRI isolated. At Bemri we see VLC as the only so far existing alternative to the present harmful microwave technology, which does not only affect human life but also animal and plant life as presented on our website.Here is one of the opposing views to VLC I recently received in an email from a wellknown British Biologist:
    “Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I see it, the information is carried by the light in the form of packets of information with gaps between them, which can therefore generate a range of low, intermediate and radio frequencies that can be transmitted through the wiring in the form of dirty eletricity. This could be quite easy to test and I wrote to them about this about a year ago but received no reply.”
    I would be grateful for your advise on how to counteract his argument.
    In my view the early and `speedy’ introduction of VLC is vital before even more microwave based devices ( like `mandatory’ wifi smart meters)are introduced onto the market.

    I have spent at least two years now writing to my MP and other `green’ groups about VLC and found that all my requests have been stonewalled. Is one reason for this apparent silence on this subject the fact that the sale of microwave frequencies results in a huge financial return for the government? As the VLC standardisation process is completed now, how would VLC transmission be authorised? Would this mean that the very lucrative frequency auctions would end? Is the RF industry stopping the roll out??

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