Cisco Live is lit by Ethernet

NuLEDs Joulex Cisco PoELast week, at Cisco Live in San Diego, NuLEDs in conjuction with their partners JouleX lit the UPOE Partner Pavillion using power supplied via Ethernet cables.

UPOE is Cisco’s proprietary high power version of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

In this short video NuLED’s CEO talks about controlling lights using IP – specifically using PoE technology.

In this video produced by JouleX we see stand lighting at Cisco Live being controlled by UPOE.

It is clear that LED lighting powered and controlled via PoE is becoming a reality today. PoE (or UPOE) makes total sense for lighting in commercial environments. Add visible light communication in the form of Li-Fi and we see that PoE can carry all of the power, control and communications required within a smart building, and all down a single cable too!

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One comment on “Cisco Live is lit by Ethernet

  1. Katethepoet on said:

    Very interesting. My brain is spinning with what these types of innovations will lead to!!!

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