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TED hits one million

The TED Global presentation on Visible Light Communication has now amassed over 1,000,000 views and generated significant worldwide interest in the technology. Harald Haas, PureVLC CTO and Professor at the University of Edinburgh, performed the first public demonstration of visible … Continue reading

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LightMessage by PureVLC

Today PureVLC claimed a World first. A text message sent directly from an LED lamp and received on an unmodified smart phone. LightMessage is patented and has been under wraps for a while but was revealed at EIE’12. The demonstration … Continue reading

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Latest VLC Market Report, based in Canada, has just published what we believe to be only the second market report to cover Visible Light Communications. “Optical Wireless Systems – Visible Light Communications and Free Space Optics: Technologies and Markets” covers both VLC and … Continue reading

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LED wallpaper is here!

We have been hearing for some time about how OLED technology will be giving us walls of light.  Having seen the size (not to mention efficiency and cost) of current OLEDs I think we must accept that the OLED Light … Continue reading

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Light + Building

This week I attended Light + Building in Frankfurt. This show covers all aspects of lighting for buildings and even urban lighting.  My impression was that Light + Building was not so much about lighting technology innovation, but more about … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Chandelier

The World’s largest chandelier “Reflective Flow” is also the largest LED light sculpture in the World with 55,000 LEDs and thousands of optical crystal elements. The LED fixture weighs in at 20 tonnes (think 2 buses or 13 cars) and … Continue reading

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The fight for more spectrum

As the spectrum crisis gets more serious, the shouts for more spectrum are getting louder.  This new infographic from Mobile Future sums this up nicely.  Fortuntunately the Li-Fi community is not suffering a spectrum crisis, quite the opposite. The question … Continue reading

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The shift to optical – part II

This is a second part to the post ‘the shift to optical’ where I look at the current state and future trend for device interconnect technologies and see if there is a trend towards optical technologies. The proliferation of devices … Continue reading

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The shift to optical

We have seen long-haul communications cables move from copper to optical, we are seeing point to point wireless links starting to shift from microwave to free space optics. Short wired interconnects are also move towards optical links, and now VLC … Continue reading

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PureVLC at Mobile World Congress

MWC 3×3 I spent 3 days at MWC with 3 objectives. Launch the pureVLC brand Get a snapshot of the current mobile landscape Gauge how receptive the mobile industry is to Li-Fi. PureVLC ™ is launched On Monday we launched, … Continue reading

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