Smart lighting driven by high efficiency LEDs will have a significant impact on our lives over the next 10 years. The D-Light (short for Data Light) project was central to this vision. Based at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Digital Communications, the project ran from January 2010 - January 2012.

The D-Light demonstrator which was developed delivers high speed data communications over visible light reaching speeds of over 130Mbit/s using a single commercial off-the-shelf LED light bulb.  The visible light communications (VLC) products that will evolve from this are safe, green, secure and have significant advantages over conventional lighting and communications technologies.

The D-Light project technology is now being commercialised by the spin-out company PureVLC Ltd. This blog site was originally created as part of the D-Light project but is now maintained by PureVLC. It is intended to serve the interests of the VLC community as a whole and is not a mouthpiece for the company (the PureVLC website serves that purpose!). We invite input – ideas and relevant guest blog posts from the VLC community.