VLC Conferences, Workshops and Journals

The international research community increasingly recognizes visible light communications (VLC). While five years ago we struggled to find a suitable session at a major IEEE communications conference to which we could submit our work on VLC, there are now increasingly more opportunities to disseminate the most recent research findings in this new area. For instance, there was a special workshop on VLC at the internationally leading IEEE communications conference, Globecom 2010. Following this great success, a second workshop will take place at Globecom 2011 (Huston, Texas, USA – 6-9 December 2011). Moreover, the Hindawi Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering recently published a call for papers for a special issue on VLC. Recently, we successfully participated in an ICT COST Action proposal entitled “Optical Wireless Communications – An Emerging Technology” which will act as a platform for leading European research teams to share their latest research findings. Without doubt it will help raise the awareness of this emerging field.  Due to all these developments I am convinced that in the future we will see more dedicated conference sessions, workshops and special issues in leading journals.

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