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Light at the end of the Ethernet

Where does PoE fit with VLC? I have previously talked about Ethernet over power, also known as power line communications (PLC) and the fact that this is a complementary technology to VLC since it allows the communications backhaul to be … Continue reading

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Li-Fi Consortium is Launched

In a press release issued yesterday the new Li-Fi Consortium ™ was launched with the aim of promoting Optical Wireless Communications. The Consortium’s stated mission is: “to promote new high-speed optical wireless usage models both indoors and outdoors.  The Li-Fi … Continue reading

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Wireless Spectrum Shortage Solution

I have just purchased the Global Business Intelligence report on Visible Light Communication which is the first commercial report on this topic.  It is called “Visible Light Communication (VLC) – A Potential Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage” and … Continue reading

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